Building Dynamics Investigates IAQ at the South Pole

Provided comprehensive assessment of HVAC systems and IAQ in South Pole Station research buildings.  Work included determining air change rates in buildings using Tracer Gas Decay methods and detailed testing for volatile organics.  Building Dynamics’s analysis was used by the National Science Foundation to support the design of the new South Pole Station.

Building Dynamics Modernizes Middle School HVAC

Renovated middle school, replacing the boiler plant with high-efficiency gas-fired pulse combustion condensing boilers, converting hot water and chilled water pumping systems to primary-secondary systems controlled with variable frequency drives, and replacing local HVAC equipment.  Building Dynamics also monitored IAQ in occupied areas during construction.

Building Dynamics Modifies High School HVAC System to Control Mold

Performed moisture evaluation of high school with recurring mold growth. Building Dynamics identified excessive infiltration, poorly insulated pipes, and variable air volume (VAV) deficiencies and was retained to design replacement systems. As Project Engineer, Building Dynamics verified the installation of new central plant and distribution equipment and controls. The school now provides a healthy and comfortable learning environment.

Building Dynamics Facilitates Construction of Sports Arena

Monitored moisture conditions throughout the construction of a sports arena for the General Contractor. Evaluated and supervised the mitigation of water infiltration and condensation issues, preventing the formation of mold growth.  At completion, Building Dynamics verified the arena was free of mold growth and ongoing moisture sources.

Other Building Dynamics Projects include:

  • Blair House: Recommendations for HVAC operation and moisture control issues
  • U. S. Justice Department: Restoration of NYC facilities impacted by 9/11
  • NIST Boulder Campus: Audit of building environmental conditions
  • GSA Research Study: Enhanced facilities management to improve IAQ in office buildings
  • Hospital with widespread mold growth: Resolved moisture and exposure issues
  • Middle school with extensive smoke damage: Managed restoration and cleared for re-occupancy

Featured Projects

  • The White House: Building Dynamics investigated indoor air quality concerns for General Services Administration
  • U.S. Holocaust Museum: Building Dynamics assisted with the protection of artifacts from airborne contaminants
  • U.S. State Department: Building Dynamics provides ongoing HVAC Engineering and Energy Conservation support services for domestic facilities