For cultural arts and archives, including museums, libraries, and other facilities that display sensitive materials, indoor air quality (IAQ) is extremely important. The effects of moisture and contaminants are critical at lower levels than they would be in other types of buildings. Building Dynamics has specialized in a number of projects to help protect artwork and displays. These facilities require more sophisticated systems that must be controlled properly in order to avoid damage to irreplaceable artwork, artifacts, documents, and displays. Effective management of HVAC operations and IAQ is critical for collection preservation. Building Dynamics can also assist with energy management, corrosion control and artifact decontamination.

Museums & Libraries

Our team can assist with maintaining HVAC operations to mitigate condensation and mold growth. We take the burden off the property managers and the building managers by monitoring system operations. Humidity and moisture levels are extremely critical in display storage, artifacts, and archives. A secure environment must be controlled at a specific range depending on the materials involved as mold growth, and air contaminants can damage and destroy historical documents. We can help clients with new designs, digital controls, occupancy sensors, and monitoring the humidity, moisture, and condensation. Building Dynamics projects have included exhibit protection at the Holocaust Museum, humidity control at the Blair House, mold remediation at the Department of Agriculture Library, and risk assessment of the 9/11 exhibit at the Bush Museum.