Building Dynamics provides Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), HVAC, and Energy Management & Sustainability support to ensure the safe and efficient operation of public buildings. Aging buildings require upgrades to ensure occupants’ health, safety, and comfort. In addition, with the increased focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, most older systems need improvements to meet current requirements. We can assist with the necessary updates along with energy management within a public building.    

Many local, municipal, and federal government agencies will now have flex spaces as employees work on a hybrid/remote schedule. Changes must be made to ensure all systems operate properly and are up to code. These significant upgrades first require evaluation and engineering before implementation to meet specific regulations and codes. 

Governmental Institutions

Government institutions require environmental and engineering services based on occupancy and the use of a space. We provide energy management, energy code compliance, reliable HVAC maintenance, and upgrades to governmental buildings so that our clients can focus on their mission rather than building system operations. 

Our expertise allows us to provide clients with the necessary information needed to make system changes, reduce energy consumption, and promote occupant comfort.