There are a variety of factors that must be considered when building commercial spaces. Building Dynamics will work directly with owners to ensure that their system is operating properly and is appropriate for the number of occupants within the building each day. There are different systems with various levels of sophistication. We will consult with our clients to see what is truly needed and how to achieve those goals within their budget. 

In commercial buildings, air handling units are packaged for a specific space depending on the number of occupants. A typical unit will operate based on that number, but this can lead to issues if the building is under- or over-occupied. More elevated types of equipment can make changes from moment to moment based on occupancy density by using specific sensors. Based on our client’s budget and needs, we work with them to choose the best solution. Our expert team will assist with adding to systems, retrofitting, and changing the design in order to get their building in tip-top shape. 

Office Buildings

With the rise of remote and hybrid work, office buildings are not often used at the same capacity every day. A sophisticated system with the proper controls and sensors can alleviate overcompensation by the building’s HVAC system. Our team can work with the building owner to upgrade the current system to ensure that occupants’ needs are being met. 


The number one priority for hotel management is to ensure the comfort of their guests. With the daily influx of guests arriving and departing, your air and water systems must be in top-notch condition to handle the sheer volume of use. We can recommend needed improvements to the building’s systems to reduce issues that may arise. 


Depending on the space, a more sophisticated HVAC system is essential to the guest experience. For example, an HVAC system in a movie theater can be set to adjust to the number of ticket sales. This ensures that the system is operating at the needed capacity and that guests are comfortable.