A man cleaning the ceiling of an office

Building Dynamics prioritizes the development of construction management programs for minimizing mold growth and protecting occupants during renovation and phased completion of new buildings.

Construction Site Issues

Major issues can arise on construction sites, especially within occupied buildings, including excess moisture, dust, and odor migration.

We work with contractors, builders, and other developers to minimize issues that can cause moisture problems, mold growth, and health hazards leading to disruptions to a project.

How We Work For You

As a consultant to general contractors and building owners, we have facilitated meeting the deadlines of numerous projects, including residences, by addressing concerns on a proactive basis.

Rapid Intervention

We provide rapid intervention to resolve unanticipated mold and air quality issues when detected. Acceptable conditions at completion are established based on detailed inspection.

Preventing Moisture Problems

Our work has demonstrated that attention during design and construction can prevent most indoor air quality and moisture-related problems.