Occupant Concerns

Analyzing an indoor space with a thermal camera

Building Dynamics’s approach to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) recognizes the importance of understanding occupant concerns in building operations. Based on detailed discussions with potential clients, we strive to ensure a clear understanding of the problems presented. 

Resolving Indoor Air Quality Issues

IAQ issues can include comfort and health hazards to building occupants, including within residences.

While many situations are relatively minor, good practice starts with engineering building systems, managing building operations, and maintaining acceptable air quality.

How We Work For You 

In-Depth Investigations 

Our investigations emphasize building science, engineering analysis and bringing in medical professionals where specific health issues are presented. We can provide general advice on resolving many issues that may not require consulting services. 

Cost-Effective Solutions 

We will recommend a project if needed, as some hazards can be highly disruptive and problematic. Building Dynamics offers practical, cost-effective solutions to IAQ problems with a proven track record of effectively working with occupants to address their concerns.