Maintaining a
Healthy Environment

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To ensure the health and wellness of a building’s occupants, Building Dynamics focuses on improving indoor air quality, balancing the moisture entering and exiting a building, and remediating mold in occupied structures. 

Ongoing Communication

Building Dynamics is present through all phases of the design process, construction, and building operations to address any concerns.

Problems with the building envelope or the HVAC system not operating correctly can lead to excess moisture and mold. We work to create a controlled homeostasis inside of the building to avoid ongoing moisture issues that could lead to mold growth.

How Building Dynamics Delivers

Our team works diligently to resolve occupant concerns and maintain a healthy environment in all buildings. We are unique in our approach because of our expertise in several disciplines. Our manager of these services, Ed Light, is a certified industrial hygienist with 40 years of experience including the development and coordination of one of the first indoor air quality programs and subsequently as a consultant for the whole spectrum of indoor air quality issues. He works closely with engineers, health experts, building occupants, and other parties to completely understand the problem and come up with working solutions accepted by all parties involved. Ed also consults with attorneys on litigation issues regarding environmental air quality.

Indoor Air Quality

Understanding occupant concerns regarding Indoor Air Quality in building operations for both comfort and safety.

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Construction Process

Developing construction management programs for minimizing mold growth and protecting occupants during renovation and phased completion of new buildings.

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Building Restoration

During renovations, health hazards such as biological growth, smoke, or chemical agents can be present when major damage occurs.

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