Two people examining a model of a tall building

Building Dynamics provides engineering services from all design phases to construction through building operations. We focus heavily on sustainability and saving energy as we work through design and construction.

Intelligent Solutions For The Life Of The Building

Our priority, and our motto, is providing intelligent solutions for the life of the building.

We focus on services to ensure the comfort and health of the occupants of a building. We remain with our clients through the whole lifecycle of their building, whether that means creating the best designs for their needs, solving operating issues, or participating in renovations.

How Building Dynamics Delivers

With a holistic approach, we can bring in structural engineering and provide a turnkey solution for your building. Our team offers engineering services from the inception of your project to the completion of your building and beyond. We specialize in Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) for construction and renovation projects. Our engineers can also perform a comprehensive HVAC evaluation to resolve any issues discovered and ensure that your systems are operating correctly. Our services include recommending improvements through the lens of energy efficiency and sustainability.

MEP & Building Automation Systems

When we design a system, we look at the spaces’ comfort, the occupants’ health, ventilation, and water quality.

An office building at night

HVAC Evaluation

Having an HVAC evaluation allows you to understand which improvements are needed before an issue arises.

A worker inspecting HVAC equipment on the roof of a building

Energy Management & Sustainability

Energy consumption and conservation are significant factors in building design, operations, and performance.

A reflection of trees in the exterior of a skyscraper