For builders both commercial and residential, Building Dynamics can assist with various delivery methods whether the project is being completed as design, bid, build, or whether it needs Design/Build engineering services. We guide our clients through the process and assist in choosing the best delivery method. Our designs are based on the type of space that is being built to ensure that the installed systems will operate properly. We are there for our clients through the lifecycle of the building, including changes to the space such as from a retail shop to a medical office. The needs of the space and the occupants must be taken into consideration when making these changes. 


Building Dynamics works with commercial builders to facilitate the completion of their projects by managing moisture to prevent mold growth. We also provide Design/Build HVAC engineering services to General Contractors. 


We work with builders of both single- and multi-family housing to resolve moisture and mold concerns. We partner with home builders to ensure that the design will prevent future moisture issues while promoting the occupants’ comfort and health.