Building Dynamics serves a variety of markets, offering our environmental and engineering services to meet the particular needs of clients and their industries. Our goal is to assist our clients in being proactive and prevent the need for unplanned, expensive repairs.

Governmental & Institutional

The interior of a city council building

Building Dynamics provides IAQ, HVAC, and Energy Management support to ensure the safe and efficient operation of public buildings. Our expertise allows us to provide government agencies and other institutions with the necessary information needed to make system changes, reduce energy consumption, and promote occupant comfort.

Commercial Buildings (Offices & Hotels)

A hotel lobby

Commercial buildings are not often used at the same capacity every day. A sophisticated system with the proper controls and sensors can alleviate overcompensation by the building’s HVAC system. We can recommend improvements and assist with upgrades to the necessary systems.


A classroom whiteboard and desks

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues and problematic HVAC operations disrupt the learning environment. Building Dynamics helps school administrators avoid these conditions by facilitating the resolution of IAQ complaints and designing reliable HVAC systems. We specialize in HVAC system replacement in older schools and provide unique services for the management of air quality in occupied schools under renovation.       

Builders (Commercial & Residential)

The exterior of an apartment building

Building Dynamics works with builders to facilitate the completion of their projects by managing moisture to prevent mold growth. We also provide Design/Build HVAC engineering services to General Contractors and work with builders of both single- and multi-family housing to resolve moisture and mold concerns.


A hallway in a hospital

Hospital operation necessitates the most demanding control of the indoor environment and HVAC systems. With expertise in both public health and engineering, we are uniquely positioned to facilitate building-related aspects of infection control with services including construction management, IAQ investigation, water damage restoration and Legionella control.

Litigation Support

A group of people seated at a table reviewing documents

Building Dynamics provides expert witness services to both defense and plaintiffs, emphasizing a science-based, site-specific approach. Our litigation support is essential as we assist attorneys in understanding the problems at hand and responding to litigation claims.

Cultural Arts & Archives

The interior of a library

For cultural arts and archives, including museums, libraries, and other facilities that display sensitive material, the effects of moisture and contaminants are critical at lower levels than they would be in other types of buildings. We provide effective management of HVAC operations and IAQ for collection preservation. We can also assist with Energy Management & Sustainability, corrosion control, and artifact decontamination.

Stadiums & Arenas

Seats and bleachers in a sports stadium

Building Dynamics has assisted in the completion of stadiums, and sports arenas by managing moisture, remediating mold growth and promoting occupant comfort.


The interior of a warehouse

Construction projects and large industrial facilities need special attention to avoid poor air quality, excess moisture, water damage, and mold growth during construction, completion, and operation of the building or factory. Building Dynamics will work with our clients on designing and implementing the proper systems to avoid such problems.