Stadiums and sports arenas see hundreds and thousands of occupants each day. Depending on the type of event being held, these venues are often at full occupancy. Proper management and operation of HVAC systems are critical at such large capacities.  Maintaining low noise levels and climate control are top priorities for occupant comfort and health. With such large facilities, there are a multitude of moving parts at any given time. Building Dynamics can assist facility managers as well as contractors with new construction and renovation projects. 

Large Sports Arenas & Stadium Venues

Building Dynamics has assisted in the completion of stadiums, and sports arenas by managing moisture, remediating mold growth and promoting occupant comfort. Whether our clients need upgrades to older systems, design services for new facilities, or recommendations for how to provide maximum comfort to occupants, we can assist in a timely and cost-effective manner making sure we are meeting all client expectations.