The interior of a building undergoing restoration

As with construction projects, health hazards can occur during building renovations. A site may be impacted by biological growth, smoke, or chemical agents when major damage occurs.

Hands-On Experience

Our team has hands-on experience managing restoration contractors and has developed new protocols for assessing corrosive drywall emissions, smoke damage, and residue from the misapplication of spray foam.

Additionally, while microbiological testing is not required, mold assessment and clearance can be performed. Flexible mitigation strategies ensure the resolution of water damage while fully protecting occupants.

How We Work For You

Building Dynamics can assist contractors with major litigation procedures. One of the most essential aspects of this service is communication with all parties involved.

Keeping You Informed

We keep everyone apprised during this process, especially where there are particularly major contamination issues such as mold growth. This can make a critical difference in how the project is conducted and whether or not occupants and other parties accept the results of litigation.

Expert Testimony

While we primarily work on resolving indoor environmental problems, we offer expert testimony for litigation cases. In these matters, our expert team has effectively assisted attorneys in understanding the issues at hand and responding to litigations. We work with attorneys to resolve issues, manage and prevent litigation.