Solar panels on the roof of a building

Energy efficiency and conservation are more than just buzzwords. Throughout the life of a building, energy consumption and conservation are significant factors in building design, operations, and performance.

Accurate Reporting

Building Dynamics recognizes the importance of providing accurate information concerning a building’s energy consumption and energy-saving opportunities.

In order to properly evaluate your building’s energy efficiency and conservation measures, we perform an energy audit. Using this information, we can make recommendations without sacrificing indoor environmental quality and occupant comfort.

How We Work For You

We work to collect detailed information concerning building operations and maintenance, utility rates, the building envelope, lighting systems, and mechanical systems.

Reduce Energy Efficiency

If your systems are not working in concert with one another, a multitude of issues can occur, including energy inefficiency. Building operations and systems can be simulated using computer programs to provide an accurate model of current energy consumption, the payback period, and energy savings potential.

Promote Sustainability

The ultimate goal is to use less energy, reduce the carbon footprint, and provide energy sustainability for future generations. With our HVAC evaluations and our energy audits, we can assist our clients with upgrades and improvements that are beneficial to their company while meeting energy and environmental conservation efforts.